73rd Indiana Civil War Roster

73rd Indiana Regiment 


Gilbert Hathaway,
LaPorte; Commission Aug. 21, 1862; mustered in Aug. 22, 1862; killed in action at Blount’s Farm near Gadsden, Alabama, May 2, 1863.

Alfred B. Wade,
South Bend; Jul. 6, 1864; mustered out as Lt-Colonel Commanding 73rd Regiment.


Oliver H. P. Bailey,
Plymouth; Aug.22, 1862; resigned Dec. 22, 1862.

Robert W. Graham,
Valparaiso; Feb.13, 1863; resigned Mar. 28, 1863; disability.

Ivan N. Walker,
Michigan City; Mar. 20, 1863; resigned Jul. 4, 1863;  disability.

William M. Kendall,
Plymouth; July 6, 1864; mustered out as Major with Regiment.

Alfred B. Wade,
South Bend; July 5, 1864; Sept.15, 1864; promoted Colonel.



William Krimbill,
Crown Point; Aug. 21, 1862; resigned Jan. 17, 1863.

Ivan B. Walker;
Feb. 13, 1863; Feb. 14, 1863; promoted Lieutenant-Colonel.

Alfred B. Wade,
South Bend; Aug. 27, 1862; Aug. 27, 1862; promoted Major.

William M. Kendall,
Plymouth; Sept. 1, 1864; May 16, 1865; promoted Lt.-Colonel.



Oliver H. P. Bailey,
Plymouth; Jul. 18, 1862; Jul. 23, 1862; promoted Lt-Colonel.

Alfred B. Wade,
South Bend; Aug. 27, 1862; promoted Major.

James C. Woodrow,
Plymouth; April 25, 1863; Feb. 17, 1863; promoted Captain Company B; mustered out May 15, 1865; services no longer required.

Joseph Hagenbuck,
LaPorte; May 1, 1864; Nov.1, 1864, mustered out with Regiment.



Edward Bacon,
South Bend; Jul. 18, 1862; Jul. 21, 1862; honorably discharged Sept. 23, 1863.

George M. Hubbard,
Logansport; Oct. 24, 1863; Nov.1, 1863; mustered out with Regiment.



George Guyon;
Dec.31, 1862; Jan. 8, 1863; resigned Feb. 2, 1863.

John A. Fraizer,
LaPorte; Feb. 26, 1863; resigned Apr. 1, 1865



Robert Spencer,
Monticello; Aug.21, 1862; Aug. 21, 1862; resigned January 21, 1863

Samuel S. Terry,
Rochester; Jan. 29, 1863; declined

Tompkins Higday,
LaPorte; Feb. 10, 1863; declined.

Seth F. Meyers,
South Bend; Mar. 18, 1863; Mar. 24, 1863; resigned May 25, 1865; disability.



Robert Spencer,
Monticello; Jul. 16, 1862; Jul. 27, 1862; promoted Surgeon

Samuel S. Terry,
Rochester; Sept. 27, 1862; resigned Oct. 3, 1862; never mustered.

William H. Brenton,
Peru; Sept. 27, 1862; resigned Mar.13, 1863.

Hiram S. Green,
Calumet; Dec. 6, 1862; resigned Jan.14, 1863,  Captain Company E.

Wilson Pottinger,
Westville; Mar. 19, 1863; Mar. 24, 1863; resigned Dec. 24, 1863.

William Spencer,
Monticello; Mar. 20, 1863; Mar. 30, 1863; mustered out Apr.18, 1864, for promotion to the 10th Tennessee Infantry.

Charles H. Applegate,
South Bend; Jun. 30, 1864; Nov.13, 1864; mustered out with Regiment.

Regimental Staff & Field Officers

Non-Commissioned Staff

One thousand and ten (1,010) men enlisted in the 73rd Indiana from only six of the fourteen Counties of Indiana’s 9th Congressional District. Schuyler Colfax was their Congressional Representative, and was later Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Counties are Lake, Porter, LaPorte, St. Joseph. Marshall, and Cass.


John W. Munday

Rufus M. Brown

Gillis J. McBane



Charles Zutavern

Leander P. Williams

George M. Hubbard

John Holt


Charles F. Kimball



James Spencer

Charles H. Applegate

Lourine S. Boyce


Such a large number makes an unwieldy listing for web site efficiency. So we’ve listed only the Regimental Staff & Field Officers herein.

However, all Officers and men of Company A are listed in the book “
The Boys From Lake County” by James Keir Baughman whose great-grandfather, Pvt Wilson Shannon Baughman, served in Company A. His great uncle, Thomas Jefferson Baughman, served in Company K. “The Boys From Lake County” is a full history of the 73rd Indiana Regiment and has greatly expanded detail of the fascinating, week-long “Raid of Streight’s Brigade” covering seven chapters, on an hour-by-hour basis. Streight's Raid is noted by early Civil War historians as one of only two long small-unit raids, and the most combative small-unit raid of the Civil War. The book also contains an entire chapter on Libby Prison in Richmond, and the largest prison break of the Civil War involving men, and the Commander, of Streight’s Raid.
The entire 1,010 men who originally enlisted in the 73rd Indiana Regiment are listed in the book “
The Official History of the 73rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment,” first published in 1909 and republished in new book form by James Keir Baughman.